No1 Serviced Apartments Pattaya

You have decided that Pattaya is your destination of choice and now you have to be persuaded and convinced to stay somewhere. If you are looking for the best serviced apartments in Pattaya: read on. There are dozens of serviced apartments  in Pattaya and there are literally 100’s of hotels in Pattaya. So how do you make your choice? If it were down to price, every cheap hotel, guest house, condo for rent would be full and that is just not the case.

  1. Location, location, location: Our luxury serviced Pattaya apartments are in the prestigious Pratmanak Hill area of Pattaya. The accommodation backs onto Buddha hill and faces Pattaya Bay in the Gulf Of Thailand. This is where the rich and famous have their Eastern Seaboard weekend and summer residences. The very fact that you will be living in this area means that the kudos of elitism and sophistication will be yours. The Pratamnak area is truly exclusive with 20,000,000 + baht houses and expensive condos in abundance. If you are ordering taxis, food delivery or restaurant pick ups: they all know Pratamnak.
  2. Size does matter: A standard studio or hotel room here in Pattaya and elsewhere in Thailand is 18-24 sq m; our luxury studio is 48 sq m. This may not sound like much but once you are ensconced in a 20 sqm room for a few days it does matter. A reasonable 1 bed suite is 30 – 40 sq m whilst at Grosvenor House our 1 bedroom suites are nearly 70 sq m. There is simply no comparison to one of our 1 bedroom suites and that in a hotel or one of the many condominium rooms on offer in Pattaya. Locally in Pratamnak there are 2 bed suites in as little as 50 sq m whilst our penthouse 2 bedroom suite covers an area of 167 sq m. It is as different from a tennis court is to a football pitch. Our rooms and suites give you room to be able to relax or entertain.
  3. Management: We have been in Pattaya for years; many years. We are not here on a career path with some huge hotel chain nor do we have to report to accountants and statisticians about how we run the business. We have stayed at some of the best and some of the worst hotels in the world and we believe that our experience; and sadly our age, will help ensure that we meet and excel at any expectation that you have of Grosvenor House Boutique Apartments. In hotel speak our management to guest ratio is no greater than 1: 6 which means that we can give you our time freely, which just does not happen elsewhere. The owner and manager are both English-speaking nationals with vast experience of Thailand; which means that you be able to easily communicate any request that will ensure a better holiday for you.
  4. Security: What most Pattaya hotels or serviced apartments believe  security is, is to actually provide CCTV to catch invaders after they have committed their crime. At Grosvenor house we have invested heavily into preventing theft whilst maintaining a low-key approach to protect you, your family and your property. One point to note is that it is almost completely useless to employ security guards as they will undoubtedly not stop foreigners from entering the property and in some cases alert felonious people to your arrival. So what do we do that is different? To enter the apartments you need a security key to a fairly robust PVC solid door. Not the cheap sliding doors so often seen in less well thought out buildings. You then encounter a stunning teak door to your room. These doors were manufactured and installed by Scorpion Doors who are probably one of the best security door companies in Thailand.  These doors cost in excess of 40,000 baht each and what they do for you is prevent anyone from entering your room. The patio doors and windows to your room are also of an incredibly high calibre, which deters the casual burglar. You can feel safe and secure in your suite without the sensation that you are in prison. Luxury and relaxation in understated safety.
  5. Service: True service only really counts when the person you are speaking to, can actually provide you with what you want. If you have to ask someone who has to ask someone who asks someone else and then it has to filter all the way back down the chain, your holiday may be over! Here at Grosvenor House you will have the direct and personal attention of the owner and the manager, who are both British (1 Anglo-Irish, 1 Scottish) and who can make decisions instantly to ensure that you get what you want, when you want it. There is no doubt that in the bigger hotels the staff and managers are trained, but there is nothing like the personal service that only experienced travelers and decision makers can give you, so that you can enjoy your vacation in Thailand. We are that provider who can help make your holiday or business trip more enjoyable.
  6. VFM – Value For Money: Do you want to pay for the atrium in a hotel that you will only ever see in your way in and out of the hotel? Do you want to pay for 24 hour service that you will never need? Do you want to pay for 24 hour reception so that you can see someone sleeping at 3 in the morning? Do you want to pay for a concierge that you will have to tip, to do anything for you? Do you want to pay for layers of management that you will never meet? Do you want to pay for 24 hour restaurants and room service that will cost you a premium to buy anything from?

These are the reasons we know that people want to stay in the best Serviced Apartments in Pattaya

We hope that this information will allow you to book Grosvenor House serviced apartments in Pattaya with confidence.